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Les Credits, Les Credits, la la la la la la la...

Hackensack à l'attack!

Les Credits! Les Credits!
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Salut, tout le monde!

This is just going to be a place for all the amazing credit students from the second half of the summer of 2006 at Lac du Bois Hackensack to talk about life, French, the whole experience.. Basically, anything that pops into our heads! It's a place to reconnect with the other 34 of us and swap inside jokes or crazy life experiences or whatever, so what are you waiting for? Join and post away!

Hackensack à l'Attack!

(Un Mot: Anyone more skilled with LJ than I am is welcome to play around with this and make it much cooler or take over mod-ship or quoitoujours... On verra. ^_^}
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